DIRECTOR: Gore Verbinski


May Contain Spoilers!

Will we be adding this to my collection? MAYBE

After taking his much-loved and hit 2003 movie franchise, Pirates Of The Caribbean into a murky and all be it, rather too serious waters, Gore Verbinski returns to one of Disney’s Staples, though not an original property, with The Lone Ranger. Johnny Depp leads the cast as Tonto, whist the lesser known Arnie Hammer takes on the titular role. There’s no doubt that it’s funny at times, playful with the source material, littering the film with references to the original serials and the action is what you would expect from a modern blockbuster.

But there’s something missing. This is a hollow movie, ticking every box but failing to become greater than the sum of its parts, no matter how good some of those parts are,or more importantly, could have been. Hammer and Depp’s roles and performances are excellent, very enjoyable but it’s nothing that we haven’t seen before or really need to see again. It’s almost a carbon copy of what you would expect of them or characters like them.

The finale is well-played though it does smell very strongly of the opening sequence from Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade (1989), but the use of the William Tell Overture, equally as well known nowadays as The Lone Ranger theme, was great fun and certainly puts a smile on your face but all in all, this was a cocktail with no kick. Missing something crucial, probably a shot of originality in order to make this something other than a run of the mill comedy western, a genre with rarely works, or a reworking of the Pirates movies.

Defiantly worth a watch but this is in no danger of dethroning classics of the same genre. Just get your popcorn out and enjoy the show. “Hi-Yo-Silver Away” and all that!


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