DIRECTOR: David Gordon Green


May Contain Spoilers!

Will we be adding this to our collection? NO

Appalling! There is absolutely nothing good to say about this film. Star, Danny McBride is just unbearable, barely so in Colin Farrell vehicle, Land Of The Lost (2009) a year or so earlier, as are all of his co-stars which include James Franco, Zooey Deschanel, let alone more substantial talent such as Natalie Portman, Toby Jones, Charles Dance and even Homeland’s, Damien Lewis. They all need to be named and shamed as this is either the most cynical “Job” that they have taken or they have all been duped as part of some massive Hollywood conspiracy!

There can be no other explanation for this travesty. I can only presume that somewhere within this obscene farce was a germ of an homage such greats as The Princess Bride (1987) and possibly satires such as Team America: World Police (2004), with its obscenities, but this couldn’t even dream of touching them, though if it did, it would probably try to MOLEST them! I’m hardly a prude, but I do believe that if you’re going to push the boundaries of good taste, do it well and with a good reason. This is like a child shouting obscenities because his/her parents have gone out for the night.

Utter, and I mean UTTER rubbish! AVOID at all costs and may this hang around the cast’s necks as warning to others that some jobs just simply aren’t worth it…

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