DIRECTOR: Armando Iannucci


May Contain Spoilers!

Will I be adding this to my collection? YES

Released in 2009, In The Loop looked like a strange, rather silly English comedy, which made little sense. But if you dig just a little deeper you’ll discover that it was in fact a spin-off movie to what was at the time, a hit BBC Four sit-com, The Thick of It, well, hit in terms of BBC Four that is. The Thick Of It is a political satire, as cutting and sharp-witted as it was funny, but at first glances, a theatrical adaptation would not be your first thought. But here it is.

And it works. Some of the characters are carried over from the series, namely Peter Capaldi’s Malcolm Tucker, the PM’s “Enforcer” who it is said was inspired by the real life Labour Party spin doctor, Alistair Campbell. The film is very funny, with its mundane humour, sharp wit and some stand out performances, especially Capaldi and Steve Coogan as a disgruntled builder. In The Loop seemed to distill was worked from then TV series in to a finer, more seasoned formula, capturing the essence of British politics and the complexity where in it operates at its core.

This isn’t a raucous comedy, it’s a high brow satire but for fans of the genre, In The Loop is a prime example of how to do this right.

Highly recommended.

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