DIRECTOR: Bryan Singer

May Contain Spoilers!


Will we be adding this to our collection? YES

Where to start with the latest and franchise redefining chapter in the X-Men movie cannon? Many are heralding this as the best of the X-Men movies and I can see why, to fully fledged comic fans, they might feel that way but to me, someone who has never been quite so passionate about the franchise as others, I’m not quite sure. Though it’s defiantly up there with the best. Following, more directly from X-Men First Class (2011), which along with Singer’s X2 (2003), I rank a the best of the franchise so far, Days Of Future Past picks up a decade after the events of the last film, where we will find Charles Xavier (James McAvoy able to walk via drugs supplied by Hank McCoy (Beast) (Nicholas Hoult) though the cost is his mental powers, his school abandoned and Eric (Magneto) (Michael Fassbender), imprisoned in the heart of the Pentagon for assassinating J.F.K., thanks to that magic bullet. 

But this isn’t quite where we begin. In fact, we begin in the year 2023, where the world has become overrun by Sentinels, robots designed to kill mutants, but they have gone to far and are also wiping out mankind. These events are supposedly following the events of X-Men: The Last Stand (2006), even though Xavier is back from the dead, Magneto and Rogue (Anna Paquin) have their powers and I gather that following the conclusion of The Wolverine (2013), there’s some inconsistency regarding Logan’s Adamantium claws.

It’s these continuity errors, deliberate or otherwise which set things off on the wrong foot for me, as I’m trying to work out what’s what, rather than becoming engrossed in the film. It’s from 2023 that Wolverine is mentally sent back to 1973 into his younger self to prevent the initiation of the Sentinel programme, one way or another.

But to the film’s credit, this is not just another Wolverine story, not that anyone would mind, but this should be about Xavier and Eric. And it is really. The tone is light at times, weighty in others and the action can be enthralling but the pacing it a little off, a common trait of Singer’s direction and the whole future section, to me, is overly long and didn’t carry the same weight or interest level as the prequel plot. Let’s face it, in 2014, we’re here to see Jennifer Laurence, Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy and we’re always up for Hugh Jackman, but Halle Berry stamped her own ticket years ago and though cameo’s from Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen are always nice, I don’t feel that there’s much more that they can offer the franchise any more. They’ve don’t plenty.

I mean, the young and upcoming stars of the day in 2000 were Jackman, Berry and Anna Paquin and they’re basically the old guard here. The film is complex and ambitious in its method and it also trying to please a lot of fans all at once and I feel that at times, the story suffers for it. But overall this is a worthy addition to the cannon and the ending, which basically resets the franchise in way similar to that of Star Trek (2009), we can retread old ground with new shoes and that has to be something to look forward to.

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