THIS WEEK IN nEoFILM ~ 28/11/2014

JOBS (2013) – 6/10

jobs_xlgAston Kutcher takes on the mantle of the late Steve Jobs in a biopic, which whilst one hand is generic and predictable, it also has some artistic flare which can be overshadowed by the former. It is a well made film but only goes a far as to offer a linear and straight forward look at the life of the entrepeneur. It does attempt to cast him in a realistic light, as a man as flawed as he was inspired but it all seems to be a little too forgiving and beats us over the head with the notion that his genius was worth the sacrifice of so many others. Maybe it was, but this was a concept which was not explored enough to justify the thesis.


hancock_xlgA fresh take on the super (anti)hero as Hancock (Will Smith) must face up to his responsibilities as a superhero rather than bumming around, destroying the city every time he tries to help. This movie holds up better as the years role on. Not competing with any other franchise in the genre, this simply offers a fresh take and works as a stand alone film as others such as Unbreakable (2002) and Watchman (2009) have.

THE GREEN HORNET (3D) (2012) – 6/10

green_hornet_ver2_xlgPanned at the time of release and I can see why. But whether it was simply that my exceptions were so low or this is a good romp, I don’t know, but it was amusing if not funny and was more entertaining that I expected. It has the feel of Kick-Ass (2010) but without the deeper social commentary. It is in absolutely NO danger of challenging the big hitters or offering anything new.


jurassic_world_ver2_xlgReleased a day earlier than expected, the long-awaited Jurassic World teaser has finally arrived. The VFX left a little to be desired and even though I love the franchise, the first being a masterpiece in my opinion, I’m not getting the greatest feeling about this. The feel of the park is too Disney World for my liking but I suppose that is correct but my main issue is with the casting Chris Pratt, who has made his name this year with Emmett from The Lego Movie and Peter Quill in Guardians Of The Galaxy and Bryce Dallas Howard, who I personally can’t stand, seemingly spending the film running from a yet unseen genetically modified super dino. I feel that the point of the original has long…

and finally…


Star-Wars-7-The-Force-Awakens-Official-Millenium-Falcon-Photo-IMAXFriday saw the most anticipated trailer in almost ten years. Sparse, simple and filled with key and tantalising imagery, not least the Millenium Falcon, Tie Fighters, X-Wings and the new bad-ass Sith light sabre, I liked it. But there is still no real idea as to plot and my faith in J.J. Abrams in minimal thanks to his patronising efforts with Star Trek. His trailer for the 2009 reboot was great but nothing like the film in tone so I just hope that this trailer is more reflective of the film’s final cut. If so, this could be the Star Wars movie that we’ve been waiting for since 1983!

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