THIS WEEK IN nEoFILM ~ 5/12/2014

STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS (2013) (3D) – 7/10

star_trek_into_darkness_ver21Thanks to J.J. Abrams, Star Trek has now been about a dumbed down as possible, managing to turn its most nerdiest charm into blockbuster currency. I’ll give him credit for that but he has approached the franchise with nothing but contempt, boiled it down to its base elements and managed to create something which is great fun but only a shallow representation of the classic series. Visually stunning though and the editing is some of the best in the business.


dawn_of_the_planet_of_the_apes_ver6_xlgBeautiful and the polar opposite of the above. Also taken from 1960’s Sci Fi, They have managed to take the Planet Of the Apes franchise to new heights, with a downbeat story told with maturity. The acting is phenomenal across the bored, Understated and yet thoroughly convincing. The VFX are groundbreaking and redefine the term “photo-realistic”. My only problem is that the story is too simple and doesn’t keep up with acting or visuals. No surprises or twists. This film relied on its aesthetic and it does so with confidence but I wonder what this could have been with a more complex story. It is almost a masterpiece… but is that component short for me

THE MONUMENTS MEN (2013) – 5/10

monuments_men_ver2_xlgInteresting premise based on the true story of a group of art experts who volunteered to go to the front-line in World War 2 in order to protect the art work stolen by Hitler throughout the war. But the tone is confused. It is not quite Saving Private Ryan (1998), it is not Inglorious Basterds (2009) and I get the distinct impression that they’re going for a Hogan’s Heroes vibe, but no. This is a sombre version of what Ocean’s 14 could have been. Not particularly engaging either. A real shame.



anchorman_two_ver2_xlgHaving only discovered Anchorman a couple of years ago, my exceptions where lower than many of the those who had been waiting for a decade for this sequel. So, I liked it. It’s barmy, fun and still manages to offer a modicum of insight into the world 24 hour rolling news. It is crazy and nothing more substantial that series of loosely associated, yet well orchestrated gags. We’ll judged and great fun.

…And finally

I, FRANKENSTEIN (2013) – 2/10

i_frankenstein_ver4_xlgRubbish. Pure and simple. Little to say besides how ludicrous it is. What is was about I don’t know as I didn’t really care either.


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