THIS WEEK IN nEOFILM ~ 9/1/15: Part 1

Flash reviews.

Mman_on_fireAN ON FIRE (2004) 10/10

Tony Scott’s best film, with more quality twists than a film like this deserves. Taking its time, it refused to be pegged but this is primarily as revenge flick, but one with a heart of gold. Tony Scott’s masterpiece, without a doubt, in my eyes.


the-hunger-games-movie-poster-24THE HUNGER GAMES (2012) 9/10

Within the opening five minutes you know that this isn’t Twilight. I say that because as you may remember, The Hunger Games was the natural successor to the over hyped Twilight franchise, but besides being sourced from a teen fiction novel franchise, the comparisons stop there. The Hunger Games is the opening salvo in a quality blockbuster franchise, which, whilst pulling its punches, it packs a wallop.


grand_budapest_hotel_xlgTHE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL (2014) 8/10

Wes Anderson is back with this off beat comedy, boldly shot in no less that three screen formats, with 1.33:1 featuring throughout most of the film. This is a farce and it plays out well, but it is essential that you like this form of comedy otherwise I imagine that you will hate it. So, I didn’t love it but found enjoyable and Ralph’s Feines starring turn is fantastic.


incredibles_ver9_xlgTHE INCREDIBLES (2004) 9/10

The first Pixar movie to take itself a little too seriously, this is more of an animated family action adventure than a Disney animated feature, but I love it. The visual style is as smart as the witty and well conceived plot which in many ways was just short of a decade ahead of The Avengers.

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