THIS WEEK IN nEoFILM ~ 9/1/15: Part 2

Flash reviews.

amazing_spiderman_two_ver11_xlgTHE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2: (RISE OF ELECTRO) (2D) (2014) 8/10

A little muddled and lacking the focus that it needs, but its vibrant score by Hans Zimmer and the Magnificent Six helps maintain the pace and momentum of this sequel. The romance at its core is driven by the performances of Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield, who’s chemistry is palpable and by far the strongest element of the movie on the whole. Dane Dahaan’s, Green Goblin might be good but he is at his best as troubled yet sympathetic Harry Osborn, whose relationship with Peter Parker is much more meaningful than the one prsented by Sam Raimi in his versions.

But Electro is little more than a graphic, though be it a spectacular one, but his character, the lonely fan is not given enough space to develop and considering the casting Jamie Foxx in the role, was a real let down as a character. Though I would love to watch this in 3D, even though I suspect that the final 15 minutes is where that effect will make its mark. This finale and the Spider-man/Goblin face off is where this film works best.

get_smart_xlgGET SMART (2008) 6/10

A decent take on the 60’s spy comedy series. Get Smart isn’t well-known here in the UK but I as was one of those who saw it on Saturday mornings as a child and thought that it was quite good. The updated version is fun though I does take itself a little too seriously at times.

lego_movie_ver9_xlgTHE LEGO MOVIE (2D) (2014) 9/10

An instant classic. True to its many inspirations, such as The Matrix, but more importantly, it understands how children play with Lego as much as how overgrown kids such as myself, try to justify our never-ending love for the toy. The comedy is smart, the animation is jaw dropping and pristine and overall, the entire film is inspired. Everything is indeed, Awesome.

working_girl_xlgWORKING GIRL (1988) 7/10

This 80’s comedy/drama, that probably stands as the most memorable film to feature Melanie Griffiths, is one of a myriad of big city success movies of the decade of excess. It seems that you didn’t make it in the 80’s U.S.A. without becoming a business man/woman from nothing but guile, spirit and some shenanigans. This is no exception. The plot is simple, and obviously labours the point that women were under-represented or respected in the business world at that time but Harrison Ford’s character puts paid to that somewhat, as the sexy, yet vulnerable man in the cut throat acquisition industry. There’s a real Sex and city vibe building here…

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