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This is a collection of flash reviews from films which I watched over the Christmas period. Some have already been reviewed so feel free to follow the links.

The average rating fro this collection is 8/10.

star_trek_nemesis_ver2STAR TREK: NEMESIS 2002 9/10

The most underrated of the Next Generation movies as well as series’ last. But this is actually my favourite. Granted, it was the most far removed interpretation from the TV series than any of its predecessors, but this was the most cinematic outing of The Next Generation cast to date. Grandiose and big in tone, it had big Star Trek themes but in the end, it all gives way to what may well be the best Trek battle ever committed to the big screen, certainly up there with Star Trek’s II and VI.

xmen_days_of_future_past_ver5_xlgX-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST (2D) 2014 8/10

I’m not as taken with this as others have been. It was good, had some great moments, namely the Quicksilver sequence in the Pentagon, but it lacked the focus of First Class and the continuity errors, issues, or whatever, were too distracting for me. Liked the soft-reboot ending though…

thor_the_dark_world_xlgTHOR: THE DARK WORLD (2D) 2013 7/10

Better that the first, now that Thor has developed in to character rather than just a hunk but I’m not as taken with the Marvel universe as so many others are. The plot was thin and the action was mostly just that and like the other Marvel films, it spends too much time tying itself into the rest of the movies and TV shows. Needs to be a film, not just the part of  greater whole. This will be Marvel’s undoing in the long run.

truman_show_ver1_xlgTHE TRUMAN SHOW 1998 10/10

Two years before Big Brother would premier in the UK, The Truman Show and the lesser know ED TV (1998) would explore the growing threat of reality TV. But none better that Peter Weir’s, The Truman Show. Jim Carrey is brilliant in the titular role and the concept is still fictional to date, but we are not far off, I’m sure. A classic that like so many sci-fi classics before them, are still just as relevant today.

transformers_age_of_extinction_ver12_xlgTRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION (3D) 2014 9/10

Michael Bay’s Transformers franchise has achieved two things since it’s 2007 release. Firstly, it’s made a ton of money and secondly, done so in spite of becoming the critics whipping boy, a symbol of cynical commercial cinema, playing down to the lowest common denominators to make money without any artistry.

Well, the money comes from bums on seats and there have been more than enough satisfied patrons over the last 7 years to surely declare this both critic proof and very enjoyable. And personally, Bay does his job brilliantly with these films. They are what they are and they are at the top of their game in my opinion.

This, the latest instalment from last summer is action packed from minute one and keeps up the pace for almost three hours. Is is too much? No. The pacing is perfect, the action is varied and the plot is both fresh and familiar, well rooted and progressed from its three predecessors. Keep ’em coming Michael, ignore the many detractors.

star_trek_2009_poster_1STAR TREK 2009 7/10

A blockbuster first and foremost, leaving Star Trek foundering on the shallows of cheap thrills over any real substance. The sci-fi substance has been sacrificed in order to entertain the masses. A missed opportunity to do both.

rise-of-the-planet-of-the-apes-uk-poster_0711RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES 2011 10/10

The polar opposite of the of Star Trek. A thoughtful, witting and emotionally engaging reboot of a sci-fi classic, proof that with respect, 60’s sci-fi can be taken seriously.


easy_a_xlgEASY A 2012 6/10

Comedy/drama taking another look at high school life, this time though, in the twitter age.

crocodile_dundeeCROCODILE DUNDEE 1986 5/10

Classic comedy from the height of the fish out of water comedy fad in the U.S. Dated by today’s standards and holds more of a nostalgic charm than anything else.

frozen_ver8_xlgFROZEN (2D) 2013 9/10

Surprisingly good Disney outing, with some nice twists, great comedy and the songs are good too! Though “Let it go” is rapidly becoming as reviled as it is revered do it’s popularity. (My daughter is watching it right now!) But this is very much in touch with its audience, self-aware and great fun. Visually though, I feel that it’s not all it’s cracked up to be but all in all, a real classic, up there with Disney’s modern classics such as The Lion King (1994) and Beauty And The Beast (1991). Though personally, I liked it better than both of them.

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