THIS WEEK IN nEoFILM ~ 16/1/15

Flash reviews.

naked_gun_two_and_a_half_xlgTHE NAKED GUN 2½: THE SMELL OF FEAR 1991 8/10

It’s been a long time since I had seen this classic Zucker spoof and it still works. I just find it odd how a film which was parodying the lack of support for renewable energies and toting the oil and nuclear companies as the villains could still be so relevant today, 24 years later! That’s the joke surely? Silly but fun and some the gags are brilliant, as is the late great Leslie Nielson, who never disappoints.

battleship_ver11_xlgBATTLESHIP 2012 4/10

It strikes me as odd how Navy movies with ludicrous plots can also be such good documentaries about the U.S. Navy. One of te best examples of this phenomena would be The Final Countdown (1980) which in spite of how much I like it, plays fast and loose with the theory time travel and something similar could be said here as well.

Supposedly based on the classic Hasbro game, Battleship(s), the “writers” opted to pitch the U.S. and Japanese Navy’s against a “Transformers” styled alien foe in which Pearl Harbour plays a huge role. Yeah, really.

I would like to say that if offers few surprises but that’s not true. The film is so ludicrous and poorly written that it does, but the best one being that the Battleship of the title is actually the ageing U.S.S. Missouri which was moored at Pearl Harbour in the opening act, which I did quite like. Poor casting, direction and writing and the only similarities to the game are the fact that the aliens fire “pegs” at the ships, yeah… and one scene in which they kind of do the whole battleships thing…

american_hustle_ver6_xlgAMERICAN HUSTLE 2013 8/10

Gritty, natural and funny. Not a comedy but based on true events, American Hustle is what we’ve come to expect from David O. Russell. A solid film with a cracking cast acting their little hearts out. And considering the film’s real selling point is the nostalgia value, there is a lot going on here surrounding a believable emotional core.

pain_and_gain_ver3_xlgPAIN AND GAIN 2013 7/10

Not Michael Bay’s best work and it is hard to know who we’re supposed to get behind as Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne Johnson are likeable as the leaders of a real life murderous group who in their pursuit of the American dream, kidnap, torture and murder in order to be people who are not. A movie saved by a just conclusion.

hobbit_the_desolation_of_smaug_xlgTHE HOBBIT: THE DESOLATION OF SMAUG (3D) 2013/2014 8/10

The Hobbit trilogy plods on…

hobbit_the_battle_of_the_five_armies_ver4_xlgTHE HOBBIT: THE BATTLE OF THE FIVE ARMIES (3D) 2014 9/10

…and concludes with a bang here in the best paced movie of the entire franchise.

JAWS_Movie_posterJAWS 1975 10/10

A classic from start to finish. Redefining movies for generations to come with Spielberg’s blend of naturalistic film making and set pieces. Jaws might look fake but the tension is not in which at some point during this film you WIlLL relate to someone. And the bold choice to have our hero Brody (Roy Scheider) play the every man, the novice on the voyage, was inspired. We are ALL Chief Brody,

this_is_forty_xlgTHIS IS 40 2013 8/10

A little too long, glossy and over played at times but this is a well conceived representation of a modern middle-aged relationship. It’s just a little to tame and hard to relate to the issues which this couple to seem to have but at its core, it has got a lot to say and it makes it points quite well. And yes, Mad Men is better than Lost and my views on J.J. Abrams are well-known… nuf said.

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