2010's, 3D, 9 Candles, Action, Adventure, Animation, Comedy




DIRECTORS: Phil Lord & Christopher Miller

Contains Spoilers!

In spite of being snubbed by Oscar for all but the Best Song (“Everything Is Awesome”) award, The Lego Movie is as important an animated film as Toy Story in 1995. The animation is top-notch, with it being almost impossible to tell that this was a computer animated render, rather than hand animated with bricks, with so many subtle details which included fingerprints and scratches. But it was well conceived on every level, with the animation style making full use of the Lego, with absolutely everything, from water and explosions being constructed out of the Danish construction toy.

leadBut this works on so many levels, all at the same time.

The whole film is actually a representation of kids playing with Lego and with ending being as it was, it works perfectly. There are so many subtle nods to the conclusion but none which would overtly spoil the third act twist, from some of the child like sound effects, the use of real life objects and the child like nature of the plot’s execution.

But it is not until we find ourselves in the Real life basement that it all comes together. The whole film is taking place inside a little boys imagination as he plays with his father’s (Will Farrell) Lego set up, with the over grown child glueing it all together and looking after it in ways that contradict the nature of the toy and child’s play. It is up to the son to convince the father that Lego is a toy! A plot which is mirroring the that of the film in the Lego universe of their creation.

The-Lego-MovieWhat a clever and existential ending for what at first glance would appear to be nothing more than a glorified advert for Lego. Something which films like Google’s, The Internship could do with paying attention to. But all this plays out under the filter of movie parodies, namely The Lord Of The Rings and The Matrix. Both great references by the way, for a kids film!

But it is great, It’s primarily fun and as much fun as it is smart and incredibly self-aware. Hats of to Lord and Miller for conceiving such a high concept script for what should by all rights have been a low concept commercial vehicle. You forget about the Lego. This is just a funny, smart movie set in the bizarre world of Lego and is well on the way to becoming a real classic in its own right.

This is one for the whole family to enjoy.

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