Andy Blanchard of Knoxville, Tennessee has begun a petition on Change.org for the CEO of Walt Disney to adopt a fairer policy on their releases of 3D Blu-ray’s in the U.S.

 “There is a market for 3D Blu-Ray releases in the United States. It is absurd that you create 3D content, then refuse to release it to home video in the US, but continue to release it internationally (examples include Frozen, Malefecent, and Big Hero 6- all released theatrically in 3D, and all released on 3D Blu-Ray internationally, but not in the US). Please release these and upcoming movies with a multi-disc 3D Blu-Ray option, or if not, at least officially announce that you will no longer be supporting 3D Blu-Ray in region 1 so we interested parties can know to import foreign copies or go ahead & buy the 2D version.”

The link to his petition is: https://www.change.org/p/the-walt-disney-company-release-3d-blu-ray-versions-of-disney-movies-that-had-a-3d-theatrical-release

Disney_Blu-Ray_3D_Sizzle_on_Vimeo.mp4_000032824Now, this doesn’t really affect us here in the U.K. as Disney’s 3D policy seems to be fair and most if not all their movies are available in the format, with only the likes of their newly acquired Star Wars: Episode I: The Phantom Menace 3D realise standing out as a gaping omission to their catalogue. Though when the film was released, Disney didn’t own the right, but still get a move on! But this is not the only instance where different markets have had different and seemingly bizarre release patterns.

20th Century Fox’s The Robe (1953) has been available on Region A Blu-ray for years but has failed to materialise in the U.K. Noah (2013) has had a 3D in release in some European markets only, though this will in doubt be because the film didn’t see the inside of a 3D theatre in this country but still. And what about the Ultimate Cut of Zack Snyder’s Watchmen (2009), which has only seen a U.S. release so far?

In this day an age the disparity between markets shouldn’t exist and what the benefit is, is still beyond me. I want to buy The Robe, Watchmen and Noah (3D) but am unable to play the first two and will have to pay over the odds to get hold of the German edition of Noah.

And why must a U.S. consumer have to import their own 3D movies? I fully support this petition and had hoped that the days of having to import discs from around the world to get versions of films that we wanted were behind us with the much more relaxed Blu-ray region coding, but it would appear not.

Good Luck Andy.

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