28190The release of this 1960 Smell-O-Vision curio, Scent Of Mystery, which was re-released in 1962 as a Cinerama film, blown-up from its original TODD-AO 70mm master, has actually been released after all. It sneaked out in November 2014 and passed many of us by. Surprisingly, it was not released by Flicker Alley, who many of us thought where the sole supplier of these remastered Cinerama films.

It is not available on DVD but the set includes the Blu-ray and the Original Soundtrack CD. composed by Mario Nascimbene.

HolidayInSpain_zpsce30816bObviously, it would have been a real gem if the original Smell-O-Vision elements were included, but I presume that it’s all been lost now, as has the ludicrous format altogether. But at least this obscure movie has found its way back to life through the Cinerama format, no less that TWICE. Though it has had a massive restoration, it is not entirely complete. The running time is 109 minutes, whilst its original theatrical release was 121 minutes.

A certain number of deleted scenes have been included in the set and considering the obscurity of this feature, and the fact that it has only seen the light of day because of the current restoration projects underway of the Cinerama films, I think it’s fair to say that we can count ourselves lucky to watching any of these. Saying that, I’m more interested in the format than what appears to be a relatively throwaway movie.

Hopefully, I’ll get a chance to find out for myself.


FEATURE FILM: A new 1080P re-mastering from 65 & 70mm elements
SOUND: Dolby Digital 2.1 and 5.1 audio restoration from 6-channel original

BONUS FEATURES:Br> *Dolby Digital 2.0 and 5.1 STS-HD Master
Audio restoration created from the 6 track 70mm masters.
* Holiday In Spain Locations short
A look at the film’s location then and now -15 min.
* Missing Scenes from Scent of Mystery version
A selection of rare film elements including “rushes” found in the Cinerama vaults -10 min.
* 36 page booklet:
Reproduction of the original 1960 Scent of Mystery program.
* Feature Length Audio Commentary
With historian Bruce Kimmel, Sandra Shahan, and remastering director David Strohmaier.
* Exclusive Interviews
With actress Beverly Bentley who plays Sally and with Susan Todd daughter of the producer. -35 min.
* Remastering of Holiday In Spain short
An exclusive look at the remastering of the film from deteriorating 65 and 70mm elements -8 min.
* Slideshow
A montage of behind the scenes production stills, publicity stills, and original ads and posters. -10 min.
* Cinerama Trailers Gallery
Trailers for This Is Cinerama, Cinerama Holiday, Seven Wonders of the World, Search For Paradise, Cinerama South Seas Adventure, Windjammer, Holiday In Spain and the Golden Head. -34 min.
* Plus bonus stereo music audio CD of Mario Nascimbene’s score.

The movie is available from SAE Screen Archive Entertainment, for $29.95. (Only 2000 pressings so far…)


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