DIRECTOR: Garry Marshall


May Contain Spoilers!

Will we be adding this to our collection?  NO

I must admit that my ideas and the subsequent reputation of this movie had put me off watching this for a long while. Then my 15-year-old Step-daughter (at the time) bought it, then planned to sell it because even SHE didn’t like it! But my ex-wife decided that she wanted to see it before it went so here we are.

Well, it wasn’t half as bad as I was expecting, put it that way! Maybe that is why I am being so generous towards it because with expectations being so low, it is easy to surpass them. But even though this is an all-star, none plotted vehicle, the tone is light, though I doubt that it is particularly romantic, its characters are inoffensive and the time passes quite nicely.

It tries really hard to put Valentines Day down for the male audience whilst playing up for women, doing so by flipping it, having male characters such as Reed (Aston Kutcher) and Edgar (Hector Elizondo) be enthusiastic whilst women like Kara, Jessica Biel and the later scorned Julia, Jennifer Garner are against the whole thing.

As a light chick-flick this ticks all the boxes whilst steering clear of any real peril, with doomed relationships dying and new ones blossoming but it is what the we want. There’s no significant drama, just events passing by on the screen. In many ways, I’m just grateful that this didn’t try to be any more as it just about on the right side of what it’s doing. Any more tension or peril and this would have been shown up for the cynical vehicle which it truly was. A point summed up by Taylor’s Swift and Lautner’s involvements, offering nothing but being “relatable” to a significant audience demographic.

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