3D, Article, J.J. ABRAMS, Star Trek


startrekbeyond-480x220Rumour or Breaking news from the post J.J. Abrams Star Trek camp is an early report that the MPAA has had the title Star Trek Beyond registered with them, strongly implying that this is the title for the upcoming 13th instalment of the franchise.

simon-peggStill little news on the plot and we’re clearly a long way of a teaser trailer but with a release date scheduled for July 8th 2016, more information must be immanent. Let’s just hope that with the departure of director Abrams and writers Orci, Kurtsman and Lindeoff, with Simon Pegg and Doug Jung taking over the writing duties and Fast and Furious’s Justin Lin assuming the captains or director’s chair, I have high hopes that the 13th, unlucky for some, outing might be a breath of fresh air to a rebooted franchise which I have not had as much faith in as others.

And hopefully, finally with might go where no man has gone before…

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