THE 3D REVOLUTION: 2007 – 2015…?

Sky_3D_2011Sky TV, a major proponent of the 3D fad from 2009/2010 onwards, have finally said bye-bye to the their ill-fated Sky 3D channel, signalling the end that of the 3D revolution, along with most television manufacturers leaving the format behind in favour of the latest 4K, ultra-high definition technology. As well as Disney’s choice in the U.S. to stop releasing their Blu-ray’s in 3D, effectively abandoning the format at the source.

This hasn’t happened here in the U.K. yet and it certainly unacceptable to release a film in theatres and not to release it in the same format at home. This is taking us back to the “Pan and scan” video era, an era best forgotten.

But Sky have said that its 3D content will continue to air On Demand but not on the traditional subscription TV service. Having said that, Sky failed its 3D format by continuing to sell the channel as a premium and even the on demand option is extra, leaving people like myself, paid up movie channel subscribers with 3D TV’s, without the option to watch a 3D films on demand without paying even more! In short, Sky are rubbish in my opinion, with everything from its presentation of 3D, to the outdated boxes!

Let us just hope that 3D begins to decline. I don’t want to see the format disappear completely and as a completest, I want to see films as they were intended, but I would like to see more films follow Christopher Nolan’s lead and be made in the best formats, such as IMAX, rather than the most costly and crass. 3D is a failure on so many levels, alienating cinemas, audiences and critics alike, as the cost was constantly passed on to us irrespective of the quality, which was invariably poor in 3D terms with post-conversions. And 3D is clearly a child and crowd pleasing format and it does little more than give us headaches and be un-accessible for young children!

It is clearly time to bid farewell to the latest incarnation of 3D and focus on what’s great about cinema, rather than mireing it with nonsense, confusion and headaches.

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