The renowned Cornerhouse Cinema, located on Manchester’s Oxford Road has sadly closed its doors for the last time, last month, as in 2012, the Cornerhouse merged with Library Theatre Company, which has operated from the basement of Manchester’s Central Library since the 1950’s, to form HOME, which will be located on First Street, just around the corner from, well, the Cornerhouse.

Opening back in October 1985, with its first film, Nic Roeg’s, Insignificance showing two weeks later, the Cornerhouse occupied two buildings. The three screen cinema itself was located in what was famously an adult cinema, Tatler and the exhibition space and bar etc… was located next door in the 1900’s built ex-furnisher store. I have to admit that so far I haven’t and will never set foot in the ex-Tatler cinema but I have seen the odd exhibition at 70 Oxford Road, of the main building.

And since I’ve spent the last 14 years working down the road from this institution at The University of Manchester, it’s a real regret that I’ve missed my opportunity to enjoy the real taste of independent cinema. The project is still running in its new home, HOME, but still, in the 30 years that the Cornerhouse has been operating, I have only ever seen the movie posters displayed outside as I’ve passed them for over a decade on my way to and from work.

This cinema even played host the U.K. premier of Quentin Tarantino’s seminal cinema début, Reservoir Dogs (1992), obviously, a tiny film at the time but now, one of the cinema’s greats.

Picture: nEoPOL  © All rights reserved 2015

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