2010's, 3D, 9 Candles, Action

HERCULES (2014) (3D)


DIRECTOR: Brett Ratner


May Contain Spoilers!

Will we be adding this to our collection? YES

Brett Ratner: You have finally redeemed yourself for the whole X-Men: The Last Stand fiasco. Hercules, a crass, vulgar and outrageous take on the mythical demigod, taking cues from almost every major action adventure movie from the past 40 years, was also shot in 3D just to add that extra level of vulgarity the whole project.

…And I LOVED IT! This is a prime example of a film pulling out all the stops, the clichés, the zingers and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and combining them to make a surprisingly enjoyable action romp. Simply DO NOT expect to see a historically accurate, well, to the myth at least, respectful or subtle take on this legend. And kids, do not use this to pass any exams because if anyone involved with this film had anything more than a cursory knowledge of the subject then I would be monumentally surprised.

But that wasn’t the point nor the tone of this action packed adventure. This was a near perfectly paced and well judged exercise in “more is more” and subtly can find somewhere else to bunk tonight! Loud, busy but clear in what was going on, in no way confusing and as funny as it was exhilarating with its “so bad it’s good” tone.

No real surprises, but some swift sight gags and more than its fair share of British humour and though puerile, a few laughs based around saying it as you see it. Ian McShane was on form as usual, as where most of the Brit heavy cast, lending even more weight to the ludicrous action and actions, at times, of the characters and even the plot on the whole.

But to put it simply, this film had me enthralled, exhilarated and smiling from ear to ear throughout its 98 minute runtime. Highly recommended as for what it is. tremendous fun but must absolutely not be taken seriously. Could very easily become a late night classic in years to come. And this is also an example of where 3D was a great choice, adding another dimension of fun and spectacle to a film which wanted to give us as much it could cram in.

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