2010's, 8 Candles, Epic



DIRECTOR: Noam Murro


May Contain Spoilers!

Will we be adding this to our collection? YES

Being a huge fan of the surprising engaging 300 (2007), after taking my then fiancée to see it as a date movie no less, expectations where mixed for this long awaited sequel. With 300’s helmer Zack Snyder only producing, whilst off working on the burgeoning Man Of Steel franchise, The innovative style of 300, which was only really rivalled by 2005’s Sin City, seemed to be out of anyone else’s reach.

The reletively unknown Israeli director, Noam Murro assumes the directors chair and the starring role was taken on Australian actor Sullivan Stapleton, with more prominent stars taking secondary roles, most notably, Eva Green as the Persian warrior, Artemisia. My concerns were only met half way as the action and visual style were good, though not in any way as ground breaking as the 2007 original.

But the action was huge, epic and CGI heavy, with a vibrant story telling style still intact from Snyder’s naughties model, but only in passing as the emotional aspects seemed to have been effectively dropped. But this isn’t necessarily a bad thing either. With the creatively levels already running low, any attempts to add any emotional content would have been distracting and I think that Murro struck the right chord here. This is all about the action, the sex and the fun in way. Yes it was poe-faced but it still has enough exhilaration to keep up the momentum and the sex scene between Stapleton’s Themistocles and Green’s Artemisia is both fun and reasonably sexy and bound, pardon the pun, to be a crowd pleaser, as is the film’s ending, which neatly takes up back into the legacy left to us by 300.

The plot also ties in nicely with 300 and the origin story of Xerxes is ludicrous but fun and also quite explanatory, certain as to the ridiculous size issues of the first film! In fact, it’s this sequence which goes along way towards setting the tone of this movie. Entertainment. Pure and simple.

But it is also interesting how this genre, established by 300 in the first place, which went on to spawn the Spartacus TV series, which is just a visual rip off in my opinion, of 300, would ultimately lead to 300’s sequel drawing a lot of influences from Spartacus. In many ways, this is to Epic’s and Fantasy fans what The Fast And The Furious movies are to petrol-heads. And look how successful that franchise has become over the past 14 years and that took a few movies to find its feet. My hope is that the 300 franchise may well be born out of this and overblown epic action could be the next big thing.

N.B. Although this film was released in 3D, I have only seen in 2D.

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