HD141x_beauty-leftToday, after a long wait, I have finally been able to upgrade my home cinema setup to full HD 3D. I am, as always, on a budget. I can’t afford the best, top end equipment but have built up a good set up over the past 15 years, with a Pioneer 6.1 THX certified Amp, a Sanyo PLV-X3 HD ready projector, which means that it is limited to just 1080i, though in the summer of 2005, this was more than you needed.

I also have set of Mission speakers, a pair of Sony 7.1 Headphones and a myriad of DVD and Blu-ray players etc.. to play my large collection of DVD/Blu-rays. As for 3D, I do have a basic polarised 3D TV, manufactured Teckinika and it is pretty good. But it is not what I have wanted. I have a passion for projection.

zf2100Ever since I was young boy and my dad would get his 8mm and 16mm projectors out on a Saturday night, to when I was 13 or 14, when I bought my first cine projector from a second hand camera shop in Stockport, though it was silent and the reel arms were too small, this only served to make me more resourceful. I would record the sound tracks off my dad’s sound projector and manually sync them with my Bush stereo, as I would project old films on to a hand painted, hard board screen which was screwed to the wall.

It wasn’t until May 2003, that I bought my first video projector, the Sanyo PLV-Z1, which was okay, it cost £1,400 but I thought it was the bee knees. Two years later I upgraded to the Z3 and have had that for 10 years, on ONE bulb might I add, but ever since 2009 and 3D exploded, I have wanted to upgrade but haven’t been able to afford it. The Tecknika TV which I bought in 2012 was a compromise. At least I could buy 3D movies now and see what they were like but I could not do what I really wanted to and enjoy the big screen experience, something which I could do with any 2D film on the projector.

But at least now, I have  large collection of 3D Blu-ray ready to show on the big screen. I’ve ended up with the Optoma hd141x Full HD 1080p 3D projector.

Optoma has been a option for years, offering a decent projector at a good price but the problem a few years ago was that you needed to but the projector (£400/£500), then 3D adapter for around £150 and the 3D classes which used to cost around £80 each. I needed 6 pairs!

The overall cost was just over £1000 and it was too much. But things have changed and now I have just paid little over £540 for the lot! And after initial testing it looks FANTASTIC. Unlike the Polarised 3D option, used in theatres and on the lower end TV’s, such as mine, you do not have to be sitting in a sweet spot to enjoy the image and ghosting kept to a minimum.

Check this out on Amazon if you fancy the upgrade. So far, this looks great for those on a budget. But like anything, time will tell…


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