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May’s Film Of The Month is another first for nEoFILM. By Dawn’s Early Light is the first non-theatrical release to make it to the top of what has been a pretty good month of the blog. The HBO TV movie from 1990 is the last Cold War movie to be made during The Cold War and clinically charts the fictitious events of the a night in which World War Three broke out and would stop at the break of Dawn’s Early Light, a literal reference to the conclusion of the film but also and more obviously, referring the opening line of the American National Anthem.


Other contenders and to be honest, the leading choice up up until last weekend were Luc Besson’s, Lucy (2014) and Hercules (3D) (2014), a surprisingly fun and entertaining romp, ransacking the myth of the eponymous Greek hero. Other interesting reviews were the 300 sequel, 300: Rise Of An Empire (3D) (2014) and the world’s first horror film, as well as the oldest review to date, Georges Melies’ The Haunted Castle (1896), though this was interesting, it was not a contender, sorry.

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