2010's, 3D, 5 Candles



DIRECTOR: Wally Pfister


May Contain Spoilers!

Will we be adding this to our collection? NO

Wally Pfister has made his mark in Hollywood with his long collaboration with director Christopher Nolan, one which came to an end after The Dark Knight Rises (2012). Pfister was the Cinematographer who helped to create so much of that Nolan aesthetic, one which Interstellar (2014), for all its visual flair and beauty, was lacking in his absence.

So here we have Pfister’s first feature film as director and with a stellar cast, a well-worn but intriguing science fiction concept, that of a man’s consciousness being placed into a machine and some of the team behind Nolan’s opus’ working behind the scenes, this sounded promising.

But, ultimately, it didn’t pay off. The plot was so well-worn it was as if the carpet had been replaced with the same one! Depp is a brilliant actor but many of his performances seem lazy or dopey and it is usually when he plays up for the camera as he does with Tim Burton or for The Pirates Of The Caribbean franchise that we see the exuberant master at work.

Here though, as a man merged with a computer, with an ever-growing omnipotent consciousness and a messiah complex, the stoner Depp oozes out the screen. The film is held together by Rebecca Hall, who as his wife, must endure the turmoil of losing her husband twice, once by his initial murder and again by his reincarnation in the machine.

This just feels like an Outer Limits episode and not one of the best, proving that even with all these key elements in place, a great Oscar winning/nominated cast, a top production crew and a decent idea, that you need something more to rein it all in and create a great film.

N.B. This was released in Real D 3D & IMAX 3D in China ONLY. The Blu-ray 3D is available in France and I believe China.

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