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Last week was my first real opportunity to run-in and test of the Optima HD141x, and what can I say? After spending my teenage years using 8mm and 16mm projectors, it wasn’t until Sanyo PLV-Z3May 2003 that I first moved into LCD projection. I began with a Sanyo PLV-Z1, which was obviously pre-HDMI and in turn, pre-HD and it had a low resolution as well as an unfortunate green colour-cast.

zf2100It was still 16:9, but it wasn’t until 2005, that I upgraded to a projector which would last me a decade, the Sanyo PLV-Z3. Dubbed “HD Ready”, which basically meant 1080i rather than 1080p, and this was a real gem. The resolution and contrast ratio was miles better than the Z1 but with only 1000 lumens of lamp power, darkness was a must.

Late in 2009, I bought my first Blu-ray player and I was astounded by the 80″ HD images which this produced but that was also the time in which Blu-ray 3D was introduced. This meant that LCD was finished, as was my new 2D Blu-ray, damn! Optima was often the best upgrading option but it was still costly, at around £1200 for the setup, that was until now.

21zaMON3nSLAt just around £450 for the projector, £36 for the first pair of Shutter Glasses with the 3D Sync adapter and the further 4 pack of SainSonic Zodiac 904 Series 144Hz Rechargeable 3D DLP-Link Projector Active Shutter Glasses, the entire upgrade only cast around £520. The Z1 cost £1500 and the Z3, £1200. But this little beauty is FULL HD 1080p, Full 3D and 3000 lumens, which means that I can get more use out of it throughout the entire day. The resolution is at the peak of home use so far, as 4k is quite with us yet, with no TV broadcasting or legitimate media formats available, and to cap it all off for me personally, the big screen 3D experience is finally here.

And on all three counts it looks fantastic. Bright, vibrant, crystal clear images and the 3D is stunning. Better than the cinema with ZERO ghosting, there’s a lot to be said for shutter glasses. The projector also has a built-in speaker system and headphone jack which is a nice bonus and is perfectly serviceable. The sound is clear but obviously far from cinematic though the head phone jack offers the full stereo experience.

In short, this is a light weight, stylish piece of kit, versatile, practical and offering a stunning picture. I highly recommend this for those on a budget but in all honestly, I have gone from a projector which was a compromise from the TV quality by offering size over detailed clarity, to one which is BETTER than my 42 inch 3D TV, in almost every way. Brilliant stuff.




Rated on projection/picture quality.




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