There’s not really much that you can say about and eight minute short, to what is basically a sequel of sorts, to the original Tangled (2011) except that in this case, it was way better than the original! Fun, sharp and witty Chameleon and basically ignoring the two stars in favour of the horse and the  chasing after the weeding rings, which they have dropped at Rapunzel’s wedding.

But in true Disney style, they haven’t just dropped them, they’re flying down the street and across the city. In doing so, this opens up the “plot” and it becomes a white-knuckle ride across markets and down streets as the pair pursue the rings in time to return them to cathedral before anyone notices that they are gone.

The action is fun and the set up is well paced making this quite an enjoyable short and applying more brevity than the plodding original. But the action is clearly choreographed for 3D. But unless you watched this before the showings of Beauty And The Beast’s 3D re-release back in 2012, you have not seen it as it was intended.

The 2D versions have been shown on The Disney Channel and included as a bonus feature of the 2013 release of Cinderella (1950) on Blu-ray but there’s no domestic 3D release, not even on the Beauty And The Beast 3D Blu-ray, which is a real shame. This is normally where you would find the trailing cartoons, accompanying the films which they went before. But considering that the initial release Blu-ray 3D of Beauty And The Beast 3D was quite limited and most of the set includes the previously realised material, it is no surprise that it has not been included there but why not include it another 3D release?

That “issue” aside, overall, this was a good short; Funny, fast paced and enjoyable.

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