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sr-busshelter2Of the modern 3D era, which is essentially 2007 to the present, several movies have made limited appearances in IMAX 3D. The first was an early example of IMAX’s attempts to use 3D in mainstream cinema, with Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix (2007) and Superman Returns (2006) both contain segments of 3D. But so far, neither films have been released on Blu-ray 3D, either as full conversions or the more authentic versions, as seen at theatres at the time.

Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince would follow suit in 2009, with the first of the two-part finale, The Deathly Hallow’s Part 1 (2010), having its 3D converted version, both IMAX and Real D 3D, axed and instead released straight to Blu-ray 3D a year later.

71w17Rv+3hL._SL1054_More recent examples include versions which have been released in limited markets such as China and Europe, for example, such as Noah (2014), Lucy (2014), Transcendence (2014), a post conversion released only in China and Taken 3 (2014). Only Noah 3D  is available on Blu-ray 3D so far, but only in those regions, Germany being one of them.

One of the most notable lost 3D conversions though has to be Star Wars: Episode I: The Phantom Menace 3D (1999/2012), which after its limited run in February 2012 in Real D 3D, has never been seen since. The plans to convert the rest of the saga were rapidly aborted and soon after, Lucas sold his prized Lucasfilm to Disney and the rest is history, as so far, are the rest of the 3D conversions! Including the one which have released…

downloadAnd what about Tangled Ever After 3D, as disposable short you may say but still, a 3D film none the less. Disney normally release these 3D shorts with the 3D films which they have accompanied, but because Tangled Ever After was released with the 2012 re-release of Beauty And The Beast 3D, the 3D Blu-ray was just a quick addition to the existing Blu-ray set.

So Tangled Ever After was added to the 2013 Cinderella (1950) Blu-ray instead, but as this was a 2D film, the disc was only 2D and so was this feature. I was hoping to find an easter egg with the 3D version but so far, no such luck.

scar_xlgAnd what about Scar 3D? Scar was one the first Digital 3D movies made during 2007, this along with Disney’s Meet The Robinsons 3D, which is available but rare and therefore expensive, have spawned the 3D revolution and in turn led to 2009’s Avatar. But there’s only ever have been an anaglyth version released.

On the 16th June 2015, a nEoFILM favourite, Flicker Alley are releasing their collection of rare 3D films spanning 1922 – 1962, 3-D Rarities, consisting of 22 Ultra-rare shorts to use the format. Let us hope that it does not take a company like this to track down and restore these films in the distant future in order for us to see them. They maybe post-conversions but as a completest, I would like to, as would many others, to be able to add them to my collection. In the cases of Superman Returns and the two Harry Potters, it might make a nice special features on future Blu-ray.


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