3DThanks to Flicker Alley, who have made there name releasing such rarities at the Smilebox Cinerama Travelogues and a vast array of silent movies, including the most influential version of Sherlock Holmes this year, I was as surprised as I was delighted to see their plans for a 3D compilation of shorts.

274432768This Blu-ray 3D set consists of a broad selection of 3D shorts and segments spanning 1922 – 1962.


Released in honour of the centenary of 3D, which was first commercially presented on the 10th June 1915 in Times Square, New York, 3-D Rarities was release six days after the anniversary itself in order for the theatrical presentation to take place.

Obviously, living in the U.K. I will have to wait for the Blu-ray which is already pre-ordered but I am looking forward to this unusual release. The early reviews are very good, sighting a top notch restoration of the films which would otherwise be lost. It is a shame though, that as stated in the early descriptions, Flicker Alley has had to pull the Lumière test films, which I believe would have included their 3-D conversion of L’arrivée d’un train en gare de La Ciotat (1896) (The Arrival of the Mail Train (U.K.) but there are some rights issues, if I understand correctly. Maybe next time and hopefully this won’t be the only 3-D release from Flicker Alley, a personal favourite of mine.

Quote from Flicker Alley

Please note:  The Lumière test footage, previously listed as part of the contents, is no longer available to our project partners, 3-D Film Archive, to include in this publication.   We regret this inconvenience and still hope that you will enjoy the many other rare treasures and supplemental bonus features in this specially-curated collection.

The 3D Film Archive (Link below) is a great resource for learning more about this controversial, yet historic format.


Expect the review of 3-D Rarities to follow soon after my copy arrives…


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