73638_left_hiCast your mind back to 2006. The ubiquitous term HD, Hi-Def or High Definition began to permeate the culture. Less than decade had passed after DVD decimated Video and was the best thing ever, but now it wasn’t good enough. The resolution was just half of the 1080p HD format, which TV channels had already being testing for year, with the 2004 Athens Olympics springing to mind, but it was a tough sell, in the same way that Ultra HD 4K is now.

People ask do we need it? Well no, but in time it will become standard and we’ll all have it built in to everything but who wants top pay through the nose for it now? Only the hardcore and this was the problem back in 2006. HD was here but there were too few takers to bring the price down. So, 3D TV was invented. Cinemas plan to use 3D to curb piracy was high-jacked by Sony and the 3D bubble exploded and imploded almost as quickly as people couldn’t afford it and those who could, had plenty to complain about.

Sky_3D_2011In short, 3D TV was nothing more than a way of pimping up HD, which better than SD it may have been or be, it is not the greatest selling point. But now even Sky, the most cynical of satellite networks has cut back on their 3D coverage, axing their Sky 3D channel and no longer showing Sky Sports in 3D either.

The 3D bubble has burst and when the dust settles we will be back to 2D, with a collection of 3D movies which have made a notable impact on Cinema and 3D technology built in as standard in everything. The irony is that it takes a format to fail before everyone gets a chance to see what all the fuss was about.

You never know though, in fifteen years or so, when everyone can just turn of their TV, projector, tablet, phone of whatever devices we are using then, 3D will no doubt rear it’s head again and may they will get it right. But this time it is defiantly a case of “close, but no cigar”.


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