2010's, 5 Candles, Drama, Romance



DIRECTOR: Liz W. Garcia


May Contain Spoilers!

Will we be adding this to our collection? NO

Well, if you like watching an R rated film, which thinks that it is giving and insight in to the life of a twenty-something who can not accept her grown up life, told in the style of Dawson’s Creek, the The Lifeguard is for you.

Quite simply, this is a film which has a very high opinion of itself and does little to earn it, failing to elevate itself from the realms of television, the most marked feature proving that this is actually a film and not a Lifetime Movie of the week, is the half-decent cinematography. We follow the painfully angst riddled Leigh (Kristen Bell), and that is painful for us to watch by the way, as she returns to her hometown from her life as a journalist in the city. She indulges herself on a sort of mid-life crisis as the ripe old age of 29!

29! Seriously? She takes a job as a lifeguard at her local pool and falls for a 16-year-old boy who too, you guessed it, is angst ridden, as are his friends, one of which will hang himself at some point during the film. This isn’t even derivative, it just out-and-out poaching other teen movies to create something which the myriad of producers, I counted eight, believe will put them in good stead with Cannes or Sundance’s judges and I’m glad to say that all bar making the official selection for Sundance in 2013, it’s didn’t really pay off.

This is one of the many bastard offspring of 80’s icon’s such as The Breakfast Club (1985), which were simple teen movies in their day, but have grown into classics and have now become the template for award hoars like this. It’s okay, it won’t hurt you to watch this if edgy, angst filled teen movies with two 30-year-olds trying to find themselves through the prism of these teenage boys is your thing but it pertains to offer a lot more than it ultimately delivers.


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