DIRECTOR: Evan Goldberg, Seth Rogen


May Contain Spoilers!


Will we be adding this to our collection? NO

What can I say about this self-indulgent nonsense. In the same release cycle as Edgar Wright’s, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost starring World’s End (2013), this seemed to be in a similar comic vein. But I wasn’t! This was a group of “comedy actors” playing themselves, in a manner of speaking, in the midst of the apocalypse .

It just comes across like a group of mates have been given a pile of cash to play-about and film it. And insult to mainstream cinema and more at home on Youtube.

This is offensive to anyone paying money to see it and the self-deprecating humour has its fleeting moments but all in all, this is the sort of thing that I would expect through a day at work, not from a group of Hollywood A-listers, who are clearly thumbing their noses to their audiences as they gloat about their drug and alcohol addictions and glorify violence towards each other. Yes, this is supposed to be a spoof but it looks much more like a double bluff autobiography of the cast, with very little acting taking place.

If you pay for this in any way then you are doing nothing more than encouraging a group of spoilt actors the right to indulge themselves at their whim, without offering us anything in return.



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