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Film Of The Month for June is Martin Scorsese’s The Wolf Of Wall Street (2013). Goodfellas (1990) for a new generation, this biopic/comedy, or rather a testament that life is funnier than fiction, Leonardo DiCaprio is fantastic as he leads an all star cast through the strange but true story of a stockbroker (Jordan Belfort) who built an empire from nothing only to end up losing all, only to end up selling his story and method to rise to fame as a motivational speaker. Only in America!



jurassic-world-super-bowl-30I was half expecting Jurassic World (2015) to take this month’s top spot but alas no. I went on opening night with my family and we had a great time but as per my review, it simply wasn’t the best film of this month, with Frozen (3D) (2013) beating it, but Frozen has already been film of the month back in January with its Flash review. Whilst Jurassic World (3D) was good, it simply wasn’t in the same league as The Wolf Of Wall Street and certainly not a the threat to Spielberg’s original.

3DOn another note, this month nEoFILM celebrated the Centenary Of 3-D, with the first public showing being on the 10th June 1915 in Times Square, New York and the 40th Anniversary of the Summer Blockbuster, with Jaws on the 20th June, back ion 1975.

Finally, the most successful post of the month so far was the 9/10 review of Flicker Alley and The 3-D Film Archives restoration and release of 3-D Rarities. And it was also close contender of the FOTM. But do not fear; even as June draws to a close, this is not the last you are going to read about 3D… As always, stay tuned…

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