2010's, 8 Candles


equalizer_ver4_xlg (1)2014

DIRECTOR: Antoine Fuqua


May Contain Spoilers!

Will we be adding this to our collection? YES

Fuqua has had an interesting career within this genre, which he serves quite adequately. Before he breathed new life in to the classic Edward Woodward led 1980’s television show’s big screen début, The Equalizer, he has blown up the White House in Olympus Has Fallen (2013), probably the better of the two versions of that plot which were released in 2013, the other being from the man who blew up the White House first, Roland Emmerich (Independence Day (1996), and tried to show us a more grounded version of the legend of King Arthur (2004).

But it is one of his earliest movie, Training Day (2001) which stands out as a strong influence here. This version of The Equalizer is a cross between the well conceived Training Day and the seeming overlooked Tony Scott movie, Man On Fire (2004), both starring Denzil Washington, who is a great choice for roles like this. With a strong, deep and brooding presence as well as a softer, more avuncular tone, one which is drawn upon so much throughout this film in which the ex-special services agent works he way through the Russian mob to help Chloe Grace Moretz’s “hooker with a heart of gold”, and his podgy work mate.

But let’s face it, he’s cool; he’s incredibly violent but there is no doubt that his motives are good and you only need to be concerned if you are a bad guy and by the end of this film, there are not a lot of people worrying about a visit from our Equalizer

Stylish, violent and surprising good-hearted at the same time, but it was veering a little close to this man being superhero of sorts, an invisible vigilantly who by the end could have dressed up like a bat and might not have look that out-of-place. But who cares. It is clever, well paced and as equally well executed as Training Day and proof that even though Fuqua can be a bit hit and miss, he has still got what it takes and his style is very much in the vein of the late Tony Scott and he may well a worthy successor.


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