1960's, 2010's, 3D



DIRECTOR: Rob Minkoff


May Contain Spoilers!

Will we be adding this to our collection? NO

Based on the short cartoon interlude as part of The Rocky And Bullwinkle Show in the 1960’s, Mister Peabody & Sherman are a pair made up of a super-intelligent dog and his adopted son, who is a small body. The pair spend their time on time travelling adventure via the “WABAC”, pronounced “Way-Back”, (geddit?) machine.

These shorts were educational and that spirit is captured, though somewhat diluted, here within this feature-length remake. The tone is clearly a mash-up of those 60’s sensibilities and those of this generation’s 12-year-olds. Those 12-year-olds, by the way, are without a doubt the target audience, almost to the exemption of everybody else.

The adult humour and references are shoe-horned in and some are clearly aimed for at the grandparents too, possibly working on the assumption at it is in fact that generation who enjoyed the original cartoons in the first place. The most notable example of this was the inclusion of an “I’m Spartacus” scene which concludes with an appearance by none other than a computer generated version of Kirk Douglas’s incarnation of the Roman defying historical figure.

But there is plenty for the kids too and it zips along at a pace and feels fun. It is just not what I would consider to be a family film and more for the school holiday crowd. The children will love it but the adults will take it or leave it. Still a few laughs to be had. Not sure a sequel will be necessary even though this is clearly the aim.


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