2000's, 8 Candles, Comedy



DIRECTOR: Dennis Dugan

May Contain Spoilers!

Not being a fan of Adam Sandler or his movies, you can imagine that I was not expecting much from this, a film about an Israeli assassin, turned New York hairdresser with a ludicrous high kick! But I was wrong, as was my decision to wait until 2015 to watch this bizarrely funny screw-ball comedy.

It is a much a parody of action movies, fish out of water comedies and the real life situation in The Middle East but I would be loathed to use the word satire, even though it comes close. It addresses the ludicrous nature of the age-old conflict in The Gaza Strip whilst successfully giving as much credence to those fighting in the conflict as it does ridicule them, using the time and test model use doing Hollywood action movies and pushing it to the extreme.

The Zohan, (Sandler) is an invincible super hero/assassin who loves sex almost as much as he loves himself. But like most of his movies, is this meta? Is this just Adam Sandler playing himself but with an Israeli accent and socks down his pants? You decide but for me, off the wall though this comedy is, it is fun, puerile fun through and through an why not?

At least it knows what it is and casts Sandler in a likable role for a change.

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