2010's, 8 Candles, Comic Book, Marvel Comics



DIRECTOR: Peyton Reed


May Contain Spoilers!

Will we be adding this to our collection? YES

Ant-Man marks the end of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe’s Phase 2, a conclusion which was expected to be Avengers: Age Of Ultron, but as the universe is growing in leaps and bounds, this latest addition simply demonstrates the new direction which Marvel is heading. The days of Tony Stark and I suspect Thor are clearly numbered as the new Avengers as established in the second movie, are the future, along with Ant-Man and what a  prospect that is.

This was fun, simple, 80’s/90’s style fun. A film which is nothing less than a mission statement as to where Marvel sees itself over the next few years, as DC is gearing up to bring us, as they often have, the deeper, more brooding comic book action, Marvel is about escapism, action and all round family thrills.

I doubt that they’re aiming for anything with the longevity of more than decade or so, leaving the director driven narratives to others but here we have the big screen serialised action which we can follow year by year, whether it be on TV or the pearl screen, putting bums on seats, keeping us hanging around to the final credit and having us talking for months after about the Easter eggs with litter the simple narratives, which in this case was the Spider-man reference which was not as veiled as think it was.

Ant-Man feels old school, not dated, but successfully harking back to a simpler time when we liked our action heroes to be light-hearted and entertaining, with simple thrills and three act plotting, where the bad guys dies in the end and the hero lives to fight another day, relatively unscathed by the ludicrous events of the film.

And this is crazy, there is no doubt about that. Full size Thomas The Tank Engines aside, the notion of controlling legions or Ants is actually more outlandish than shrinking a man to the size of one! But who cares, the laughs are plentiful and the plot is telegraphed to the point that we can simply relax for two hours and enjoy the show.

Spectacular, the action is not and the overall look could have benefited from someone with a grander cinematic vision than the director of cheerleader comedy Bring It On (2000) but Marvel get what they pay for and I’m sorry, but Peyton Reed is hardly known for his action directing, but neither where Anthony & Joe Russo, and there work on Captain America: The Winter Solider (2014) was amazing so it is a gamble but not one that has paid off here I’m afraid.

So, as we leave Phase 2 and begin the build up the third and possibly final phase to feature the original Avengers line-up, Ant-Man is a refreshingly entertaining addition to the universe and Paul Rudd is defiantly a good choice for the titular role and it is always nice to Michael Douglas who has still got it…



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