2013 DIRECTOR: Jon Turteltaub May Contain Spoilers! Contains mild language This really pissed me off! On one hand this is nothing more than a cringe-worthy vehicle for ageing movie stars to garner cheap laughs at the expense of of their age and the ludicrous notion that this group of four childhood friends would have remained … Continue reading LAST VAGAS


...well, four but is that is enough in less than 10 years..., right? Alexander. Oliver Stone's epic biopic of the legendary conquer was troubled from day one. The master film-maker who had brought us Platoon (1986), Born On The Fourth Of July (1989) and JFK (1991), was now tacking something outside his comfort zone and … Continue reading ALEXANDER’S DEATH BY A THOUSAND CUTS…


After some concern over the future of the festival, the Widescreen Weekend, a celebration of classic widescreen films including those made in the Cinerama format, is set to return in October. The very future of the Media Museum itself was in jeopardy back in 2013 too... ...But they were ultimately saved. The festival begins on Thursday … Continue reading WIDESCREEN WEEKEND BACK AT BRADFORD


2011 DIRECTOR: Steven Soderbergh May Contain Spoilers! Firstly, it is nice to say that Steven Soderbergh resisted the urge to make this thriller following a global pandemic's rampage across the world is to an epic, though his choice to sell this as an IMAX Experience eludes me. The scale is big but the focus is small, dealing … Continue reading CONTAGION


2014 DIRECTOR: Matthew Vaughan May Contain Spoilers! Matthew Vaughan's career has exploded over the past few years, from the director of a cult success that was Kick-Ass (2009), to the mainstream blockbuster which was X-Men: First Class (2011). First Class was a brilliant X-Men movie and the best, in my opinion whilst Kick-Ass was a strange, … Continue reading KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE


2015 DIRECTORS: James Ford Murphy May contain spoilers! I love the the Pixar and Disney pre-show shorts and embrace the concept, one which has been lost over the years. But Lava was a bit of a disappointment. It looked nice and well animated, colourful and concise but it was lacking something... Little more than a … Continue reading LAVA (3D) (SHORT)