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Today we greet with trepidation, the reboot of the first family of Marvel, The Fantastic Four. Tim Story brought them to the screen ten years ago and followed it up in 2007 with a slightly better outing which as the title suggested, introduced the Silver Surfer.

But they were cheesy and disappointing, produced at the nexus point betweens Marvel’s early naughties attempts which included Hulk (2003), Daredevil (2003), X-Men/X2 (2000/2003) and Spider-man (1&2) (2002/2004) and the Avengers MCU which would dominate theatres from 2008 onwards.


The problem with the last Fantastic Four films was simply that they were too comic-booky, but looking back now, I am warming to the lighter tone of these child friendly films, but it grated against the other movie of that time, with the art house Hulk, grim Daredevil and the angst riddled adventures of Peter Parker.

So here we have yet another reboot of a comic franchise within a decade of the last. Granted, there was no future in Tim Story’s films but do we need another comic book franchise at a time when Marvel’s Cinematic Universe (MCU) is dominating cinemas and Blu-ray players across the world? And more to the point, do we need another flop for the crown jewel in Marvel’s crown?

But with production problems, concerns over Josh Trank’s direction, extensive re-shoots, this is looking like a movie which will be remembered more for what it could have been and the scandals surrounding it, rather than a cohesive work.

Personally, reviews and the expectation of poor box office aside, I think looking at what we have seen so far, even though I am far from impressed with the trailers, I have a gut feeling that this is going to be a pleasant surprise, at least not as bad a people are fearing and it may garner more of a following later. Or it could be a runaway hit and defy everyone’s exceptions.

The only way to find out is to get yourself into a cinema, get your popcorn, put on your 3D specs and try to enjoy the show…

THE REVIEWS for the previous Fantastic Four movies…

Fantastic_Four_1994_Poster     fantastic_four_ver3     fantastic_four_rise_of_the_silver_surfer_ver8

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