The Hardcopy is just that, a PDF or print version of the output from the nEoFILM blog, which is hosted by WordPress. Not everyone likes reading blogs, or material from PC, Laptop or Tablet screens so it only seemed fair and logical to provide an old school version to allow more people to access and enjoy these reviews.

The Hardcopy is a compilation LAST month’s output so for the latest, the blog or nEoFILM’s Facebook page are the places to be.

So, sit back, brew up and enjoy this months reviews courtesy of nEoFILM…

So, there’s the blurb for a project which may seem to be a little retro but the notion that print media is dead is a false one. Granted, blogging and websites are the future, but so is streaming over peripherals such as DVD or Blu-ray, yet the formats are always going to have their users so as myself. But a lot of people have called for a print version of this blog so here it is. It is both a print option as well as a concise compilation of the month’s output be read on-screen in a PDF format for those who are interested.

In short, whether you want to print it out, though I would recommend it as an A5 booklet form easy to do in Adobe Reader, but it is of course, up to you, or simply review the month’s posts in one concise document, then the Hardcopy is for you.

Stay tuned for more details but expect the first issue on 1st September 2015.

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