DIRECTORS: James Ford Murphy

May contain spoilers!

I love the the Pixar and Disney pre-show shorts and embrace the concept, one which has been lost over the years.

But Lava was a bit of a disappointment. It looked nice and well animated, colourful and concise but it was lacking something… Little more than a predictable, light and fluffy love song about the two volcanoes which make up the tropics, manifested as a old male and a much younger female, quite and age difference but still, as they try to find each over as they grow to form the island over millions of years, though the time scale is not clear in the cartoon.

It is a bit abstract, tender but poe faced and a little plodding. The ending was a happy one and the I feel that if it have ended a verse earlier, when it would have been bitter sweet, then we could have had a much better short. At least there was no danger of it overshadowing the main feature, which was of course Inside Out. That’s what happened with Paperman (3D) (2012), which played before Wreck-It Ralph (3D) (2012).

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