CeX_Logo_Rich_black_CMYK-01This is not what nEoFILM is all about but after a bad experience with an online retailer here in the U.K. I feel compelled to share my experience, at least so far…

After placing an order with CeX’s online store for two Blu-rays, one arrived in a PS3 case, scuffed and only a single case for a double disc set and the other was the wrong title. I managed to sort out the first disc and it was fine but obviously wanted to second replacing.

I emailed them within an hour of opening my packet and after reading their unacceptable turnaround times on emails, in this case 3 – 5 working days for a complaint, even though the stores are open 7 days a week, it has now been 12 days without a reply, even after two more emails were sent. This service is shocking and even if this is rectified my relationship with this company has been severely damaged.

I have resorted to posting the following on their Facebook page…

After THREE ignored emails, I feel that this is the best place to air my views on CeX. After years of satisfactory service in the CeX stores, I have only just begin to use the online shop.

My high expectations were dashed however after ordering TWO Blu-rays, one arriving in a sorry state and the other was just plain WRONG! So, I simply emailed them to sort it out and was already disappointed that their idea of a reasonable reply time for a complaint is 3-5 working days. Isn’t Cex open 7 days a week BTW? Well, that was the 4th of August and after two follow-up emails, they still haven’t bothered to reply.

This is unbelievable for a chain this size in this day and age. Clearly I should have stuck to Amazon.co.uk​, they and most of their traders know how to behave and treat their customers.

Shame on you CeX. 😦

I hope that this Facebook post might encourage a response but so far I feel that we are dealing with company who are simply uninterested in both customer service and providing the products which we are ordering and in a reasonable condition.

I am personally very disappointed in CeX and hope that they will try to redeem themselves but something tells me that I maybe hoping for a little too much. I will keep you updated on this and if they do a good job in rectifying this issue then I will certainly comment in their favour.

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