After some concern over the future of the festival, the Widescreen Weekend, a celebration of classic widescreen films including those made in the Cinerama format, is set to return in October.

The very future of the Media Museum itself was in jeopardy back in 2013 too...

But they were ultimately saved.

The festival begins on Thursday 15th October and concludes on Sunday the 18th. The full schedule has yet to be released but the details so far suggest that we can expect Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968), Oklahoma! (1955) and the final Cinerama travelogue, The Best Of Cinerama (1963) which is exactly what it sounds like, a compilation of the previous five movies, so nothing new there but like all compilations, it may well be a more concise version of the epic but dated 1950’s travelogues.

00290065-0000-0000-0000-000000000000_f947180f-0c52-49d9-bd7c-649a2d83586a_20120925204630_thisIsCineramaThe full schedule is due on the 3rd September so stay tuned for updates but since the venue, the Pictureville Cinema which is attached to the National Media Museum in Bradford, England, houses the last remaining Cinerama screen in the country, my hopes are to finally see the one-strip Cinerama classic, 2001: A Space Odyssey as not many people have, certainly not in the past 30 odd-years, on the 146 degree deeply curved screen. The nearest we have gotten to this is a clip contained in the documentary, Cinerama Adventure (2002), charting the rise and fall of the process in which a clip was included to show the potential of remastering such films in the Smilebox format.

cinerama_logo_2 After the demise of the process, Cinerama Inc. still made films, including 2001, but other films where also shot in 70mm widescreen, such as The Greatest Story Ever Told (1965) and Ben~Hur (1959), all of which were shown on the curved screen in some venues which still had them, though it was not always the best idea as it would distort the image.

The all but lost Cinerama feature, one of only two shot in the 3-panel format, the other being How The West Was Won (1962), The Wonderful World Of The Brother’s Grimm (1962) has been shown in some way at Bradford over the years and would hope to see it this year as it is one which teetering of the edge of being lost, but no word so far.

The schedule will be posted HERE on 3rd September sop check back for more details.

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