2010's, 4 Candles, Comedy



DIRECTOR: Jon Turteltaub

May Contain Spoilers!

Contains mild language

This really pissed me off! On one hand this is nothing more than a cringe-worthy vehicle for ageing movie stars to garner cheap laughs at the expense of of their age and the ludicrous notion that this group of four childhood friends would have remained so for over 58 years!

It is mishmash of ideas including a The Hangover and it sort of The Expendables for has been heartthrob brigade, or at least the respected actor’s union. But this works in its favour and whilst I wanted to switch it off, literally after five minutes as I felt so embarrassed for the top notch cast as they simply collected their pay checks, I did find myself laughing along on way more than one occasion.

But I felt bad for it. It was like laughing someone falling over, again and again. You know you shouldn’t but you just can’t help yourself. The plot is infantile and completely hollow, leaving plenty of room for the ageing cast to simply be cheerful on their weekend away in Vegas.

This was terrible, but not unwatchable. I would not recommend this but I will concede that if you find yourself watching it and you CAN resist the urge to switch over then it may entertain. This is the geriatric version of what The Expendables is to the action genre and This Is The End (2013) is to bad films.

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