2010's, 8 Candles, Action, Mission: Impossible





DIRECTOR: Christopher Mcquarrie

May contain spoilers!

By number 5, the Mission: Impossible franchise seems to be finding its feet. Tom Cruise’s ego, whilst still on top form, is now conceding more to a weary audience that he is not the centre of attention, at least not all the time. In this case, the master Geek, Simon Pegg is standing almost toe to toe with Cruise throughout and the ensemble established over the past two moves, beginning with J.J. Abram’s shake up, M:i III (2006), is making this an expanding, action packed and never dull world.

The opening hit’s the ground running, quite literally and with the exception of the ubiquitous slower paced second acted espionage sequence, the first-rate Opera Assassination is pitch perfect, pardon the pun; the action is relentless throughout, with a motorcycle chase scene which even put’s John Woo’s M:I 2 (2000) to shame. And that was good too!

It is all about the feel, the tone and the comfort zone with this one. Now we have an established cast, their relationships are allowed to grow as with the original TV series, with a solid cast gelling well together and allowing Cruise his moments to shine without him dominating the movie. Simon Pegg, Jeremy Renner and relative newcomer Rebecca Ferguson as the duplicitous femme fetal are all good, as is the reliable Alex Baldwin as the obstinate C.I.A. Director.

Overall, the action is exciting, the tone is fun and the plot is interesting without being too convoluted. And us Brits are kind of the villains… I like it!

If they continue down this road then the next instalment should be a must see!

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