1 Candle, 2014





DIRECTOR: Matt Drummond

May contain spoilers!

The acting in Australia’s answer to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Lost World is nothing short of reprehensible! It comes a no surprise what so ever that hardly any of the cast had acted before or so far, since! Almost as much as the derivative and ill conceived plotting! The only redeeming quality here is actually the above average special effects, namely the CGI dinosaurs, but SFX only work if the interplay is there and with the cast seeming being plucked from the rejects list of a second rate acting school, this simply was never going to happen.

It is such a shame that a subject which has such a following across all ages can fail so miserably so often only to be so successful with Jurassic Park (1993), this years record smashing Jurassic World (2015) an the fantastical world of Godzilla (1954 – Present).

This was an uncomfortable and cringe-worthy watch from the opening frame. In fact, scrap that, the open logos and credits where better than the film too!

Kids film this might be but even if it is aimed a very young audience, there is no need fro it to be this bad. But with a PG rating, it looks as if it is aimed at the family. Don’t waste your time.

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