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May contain spoilers!

Some where between home made videos of wild antics, raw news footage and movie trailers is the ever growing culture of web shows and movies. Many of them are great, short but professionally produced, unregulated media which have fans across the spectrum but it is also giving rise to projects such as this.

Released on the 1st August 2015, this Kickstarter funded project, Star Trek: Renegades is a Star Trek sequel/pilot which no mainstream media outlet will produce. The idea that ex-cast members as well as actors such as Sean Young can pool together to produce episodes of the now defunct show is as interesting as it is novel but is it really necessary?

The production values vary from scene to scene, with certain scenes looking as good at the series which ending a decade ago, dropping in quality to something resembling Tron (1982), the great-grandfather of modern CGI!

The make up effects are reasonable and the plot is one step removed from a REAL Star Trek pilot but this reeks of being both a fan pleaser, no doubt a major topic at Star Trek conventions and plain fanboy art. The cast is good, with Walter Keonig reprising his role as Chekov, Richard Herd as Admiral Paris, Robert Picardo as Doctor Zimmerman and Tim Russ as Tuvok, as well as sitting in the director’s chair. Other actors of note were the afore mentioned Sean Young and the all but forgotten original John Conner, Edward Furlong and the less said about Gary Graham the better!

The stand out character and performance here was Manu Intiraymi as Voyager’s child Borg all grown up and cynical, Echeb, who seems to bring something of the televised Trek to this movie. But the other than that, besides the usual revealing costumes, ham handed morals and civic dilemmas, the film is filled with clunky exposition and a main character is supposed to be the daughter of Khan, which makes no sense what-so-ever; but I am sure there was to be an explanation if the “series” was picked up?

For Trekies, such as myself, this is worth a watch as it is close to the Star Trek we know and love but this is not for anyone else. This needs a forgiving eye, one more so than mine…

Watch the movie here and judge for yourself…

Star Trek is 49 years old today. The first episode broadcast in the U.S. was “The Man Trap” on the September 8th 1966.


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