10 Candles, 1990's, Science Fiction, Star Trek





DIRECTOR: Dean Parisot

May contain spoilers!

“Never give up, never surrender”

Considered by many to be one of the best Star Trek films that was never was, even though J.J. Abrams had stated a love for this parody of the much beloved franchise, his two instalments are at least, a league below the quality of this quirky spoof. Complex, affectionate and littered with detailed in-jokes as well as nods, both subtle and obvious, the relatively unknown movie director, though his TV work is much more prolific, Dean Parisot has managed to capture the fanaticism of Trekkies and the spirit of their idol’s adventures in one fell swoop.

Galaxy Quest follows the ageing cast of a Star Trek style 80’s TV series as they do the convention series only to be recruited by an alien race, the Thermians, who have created a very real version of their fictional ship along with a whole culture based on what they believe to be “Historical Documents”, which are of course episodes of the dated TV show.

So after about 20 minutes of a real look at the life of the cast of Star Trek, sorry, Galaxy Quest, with real references to the star of the classic show, William Shatner, the NTE (Not The Enterprise) Protector’s crew are transported to the recreated starship and embark of a self-aware adventure across the galaxy.

Fun, witty and entertaining throughout, this Sci Fi adventure is as much a meta-docudrama about Trek as it is a Star Trek adventure by another name, with both aspects being fulfilling to avid fans of the show such as myself and entertaining to everyone else, who will simply enjoy the parody of Star Trek fandom and the dubious source for their obsessive fanaticism.

In other words, a very well conceived, written and executed movie as much for a broad audience and those who clearly hold an affection for it.


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