2000's, 8 Candles, Documentary




DIRECTORS: James Hanlon, Gédéon Naudet & Jules Naudet

9|11 was first aired on the 1st Anniversary of the attacks in September 2001, but by now, the 14th Anniversary of the world-changing event, 9|11 has lost some of its poignancy but not much. After so many more detailed accounts, following the jumpers, the heroic emergency services and the victims both on the planes and the ground, this rough cut mash-up of DV footage seems to leave us a little wanting.

Plus the fact that the conspiracy theorists have gone insane over the past decade with many accusing the French Naudet brothers of being part of the faked footage brigade. The documentary which was originally supposed to be about a New York Fire-house, which is why the pair ended up being so close toe the World Trade Centre in the first place, became something else, with them being taken along for the ride as the crew which were the subjects of their project would now find themselves in the lobby of the doomed North Tower.

remembering-9-11-attacksTheir raw, first hand POV footage is chilling at times, with the explosive bangs on the mezzanine roof being the bodies of jumpers crashing to their deaths above them, the devastated lobby only went to show the force of the impact 80 floors above and eventually, the dust-covered city streets after the towers fell.

But like I said, after a myriad of documentaries and two feature films, the masterpiece that was United 93 and the movie of week, even though it was directed by Oliver Stone though it is hard to believe, World Trade Center both in 2006, 9|11 has joined a catalogue of films from that day but the first hand account is still engaging, interesting and chilling as we know what they didn’t. That they would be lucky to escape with their own lives that day and that the world was about become a very different place.

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