1950's, 7 Candles, Documentary




DIRECTOR: Ronald Stark

Operation Hurricane is a short subject chronicling in detail, the efforts made during the early days of the cold war and more importantly, the beginnings of the Nuclear Arms Race, as Great Britain test their first A-bomb in the Indian Ocean. This was it, the Atomic bomb test by Britain as it entered the burgeoning race to prove that they were a power-player just six years after helping to bring the Second World War to a close and I can only conclude, feeling the need to prove themselves to the growing nuclear community, I.E. The United States and The Soviet Union.

Of course, the U.K. was not alone in this endeavour but the documentary concludes on this point, that after half an hour of explaining the details of what they were testing for, the radioactive effects on food, structures and people, that the final images of a massive explosion and that mushroom cloud was a statement of intent to a world now consumed with building the biggest and most destructive bombs in order to rule the world.

It is interesting to point out though, that both the Soviets and Great Britain achieved their victories without the use of the A-Bomb. The United States of course, is the only power to use such a device, and twice just to make sure.

81XzzsuHpVL._SL1500_As a documentary, it is interesting, dated but a time capsule none the less and well worth a watch.

This is available on the 2014 BFI Blu-ray edition of Val Guest’s The Day The Earth Caught Fire (1961).

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