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This is the one that stuck! Just a few days shy of a year after the release of the phenomenally successful This Is Cinerama at the end of September 1952, The Robe (1953) ushered in the simpler and more palatable widescreen format, Cinema-scope and one which quickly evolved to become one of the industry standards.

Robe-Cinemascope-AdEven though anamorphic widescreen would flourish, Cinema-scope itself, would only last for 15 years, with its last movie, Caprice (1967), being released in 1967, but the screen dimensions are still in use today, unlike the doomed Cinerama process, which with its three projector, three panel system, was just as complex and overwrought as 3D was ta that time, which would last just over decade.

Both formats played their parts, with Cinerama’s contribution indisputable to the evolution of Cinema with widescreen, stereophonic surround sound and the idea of making epic documentaries, which the IMAX Corporation would take to the next step in the 1970’s and beyond but Cinema-scope made it.

Here is a short but compelling documentary on the subject which I believe was included as part of The Robe’s Blu-ray release. Unfortunately, the Blu-ray edition of The Robe is still only available in Region A in the U.S. and is not available for anyone else at this time. Hopefully that will change.


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