1950's, 9 Candles, Documentary




DIRECTOR: David Villiers

This 22 minute short subject was an information film trying to put into context the dangers and the attitudes needed to survive a nuclear attack in Great Britain, just a year after the Warsaw Pact was signed and the A-Bomb was giving way to the much more powerful Hydrogen, or H-Bomb.

The film takes us through a detailed breakdown of what damage to expect and does so in chilling fashion, especially as it was toned down, but in the same vein that less is more, this is a frighteningly upbeat educational film, skirting over many of the less palatable facts about the death tolls, suffering and devastation we could expect from such an attack.

Using diagrams, animations and graphs, the implications are much more chilling than the facts presented, as the 1950’s English narrator describes the difference between the “Nominal” A-bomb’s expected damage compared to the 500 times more powerful H-Bomb.

If this doesn’t put you off Nuclear proliferation then nothing will!

81XzzsuHpVL._SL1500_Highly recommended.

This is available on the 2014 BFI Blu-ray edition of Val Guest’s The Day The Earth Caught Fire.

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