1950's, 7 Candles, Animation, Walt Disney





DIRECTORS: Clyde Geronimi, Wilfred Jackson & Hamilton Luske

May contain spoilers!

This classic animation, as with many of the golden age Disney pictures, have become more iconic than critically acclaimed. The animation style is good, though not at the heights of Disney’s greatest works, with many short cuts used throughout and story is so simple that it manages to miss the darker points of the story and spend much of its running time focusing on the dastardly cat’s attempts to kill the friendly mice.

But there is no doubting the style of this animated feature, with Disney’s brand of anthropomorphic fun throughout, decent enough songs, many of which are now classics in their own rights and moments of fun. But the plot is only based on the original tale and opts to spend as little time as possible with its source material, in favour of its own patented brand of Disney action and comedy.

But this certainly serves as a colourful introduction to the story for young children, who will hopefully seek out the much darker and poignant source, later in life.

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